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Zach Chase: hi

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Zach Chase: hi

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Cameron Peaslee: hola :)

zack kilgore: hey!! :-X

Zach Chase: >:D<

zack kilgore: :">

zack kilgore: :">

zack kilgore: i hope i pass this class :-S

Cameron Peaslee: hahahahaha me too :-S

Megan changed name to Megan/Derek 6 hours ago

Zach Chase: vajdnuy

Zach Chase: that was cameron

Lauryn: (:

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Lauryn/ Tara: c(:

Lauryn/ Tara: c(:

Cameron Peaslee: douche |

Lauryn/ Tara: which one is he doing??

Megan/Derek: law of multiple proportions and law of conservation of mass

zack kilgore: i have no clue whats going on

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Zach Chase: well done

zack kilgore: :-/

Megan/Derek: well i hope you guys understand those two laws cause that went so fast...

Lauryn/ Tara: kic

Lauryn/ Tara: kind of

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Cameron Peaslee: same here

Cameron Peaslee: same here

Lauryn/ Tara: did he explain it right lauryn?

zack kilgore: megan did you understand any of that?

zack kilgore: lauryn your talking to yourself....

Megan/Derek: not the one christian did, which one are you talking about?

zack kilgore: the one matt did

Cameron Peaslee: haha zack

Lauryn/ Tara: ya he got the general idea of the thing and zack im not that was Tara, we're sharing

Megan/Derek: umm...yah. lol. did you want me to explain it to you?

Lauryn/ Tara: ya he got the general idea of the thing and zack im not that was Tara, we're sharing

Zach Chase: it just looks wierd

Cameron Peaslee: you dont have to type to each other tho

Lauryn/ Tara: Sorry, that's why we have a / to seperate our names!

zack kilgore: yes please :) later?

Megan/Derek: or i can just do it in here...

Lauryn/ Tara: They are all about the Atomic theory

zack kilgore: haha ummm then yes now e nice :)would b

Lauryn/ Tara: Bohr modified the Gold Foil Experiment and Rutherford's model

Lauryn/ Tara: Bohr modified the Gold Foil Experiment and Rutherford's model

zack kilgore: are you anwering it?

Zach Chase: well done lauryn/tara

zack kilgore: ohhh m=nevermind

Megan/Derek: law of conservation of mass: matter can't be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction. it's part of dalton's atomic theory. whatever goes in has to come out. law of multiple proportions: in chemical compounds, the ratio between atoms is the same as the mass in grams between those elements. so for carbon dioxide, the mass ratio is approximately 1:2 (14:32). does that make sense zack?

Lauryn/ Tara: Also if we don't get it then we can go onto the blog and learn it ourselves lol

zack kilgore: what are they doing?

zack kilgore: yesw, yes it does :) thank you megan :)

Megan/Derek: what are they trying to answer? and yep :)

zack kilgore: good one tara and lauryn!!! :)

Lauryn/ Tara: do you guys know how to fill out the researcher page??

zack kilgore: nope.

Cameron Peaslee: nope

zack kilgore: i guess i suck as a reseacher...

zack kilgore: cause bohr was mine

Cameron Peaslee: i suck in this class

Zach Chase: hahahaha

Megan/Derek: haha, that's great

Zach Chase: :))

Lauryn/ Tara: haha i could use some help!!!

Cameron Peaslee: hahahahaha

zack kilgore: me too!!!!

Lauryn/ Tara: well at least we dont have to discuss lol

Megan/Derek: so i definitely don't understand what's going on. they're just repeating info word for word. kinda hard to understand something when they really don't understand it.

Cameron Peaslee: i dont want to be the learner

Zach Chase: we are supposed to on this

Megan/Derek: zack: agreed!!!

Lauryn/ Tara: well at least we know what not to do when we're up there :)

Zach Chase: Good job chrisitan

Lauryn/ Tara: Megan, how are we supposed to fill out our research page in the packet

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Megan/Derek: well i'm glad he can read the atomic theory; too bad he can't paraphrase so it's easier to understand

Megan/Derek: i have no idea lauryn... sorry :/

Zach Chase: Dalton also came up with the partial pressure theory which is where the total pressure equals the partial pressures combined

zack kilgore: HAHAHA!!!

Zach Chase: hahahahaha

zack kilgore: GOOD JOB ZACH!

Lauryn/ Tara: its ok we'll just ask ms. gray and also i really hope we're not tested on this

zack kilgore: BET YOU WE ARE

Zach Chase: Thank you Zack

Megan/Derek: ugh. we'd all fail. don't jinx it!

Megan/Derek: is atomized a word???

zack kilgore: josh is doing well on explaing kinda

Cameron Peaslee: yes

Cameron Peaslee: hahaha josh has mine! :)

Megan/Derek: i still don't get it....

zack kilgore: 1 out of 6 can kinda key word kinda! can explain it

Zach Chase: they're cheating...useing eachothers notes

zack kilgore: me either megan

Megan/Derek: mooching off each other's work...

zack kilgore: WOW!! those darn cheaters!!!

Zach Chase: So my computer is at 7% and has been there for the past 10 minutes

Megan/Derek: such slackers...

Zach Chase: dont judge

Megan/Derek: well at least we're not attacking one single person. lol.

zack kilgore: hahah megan it looks like its just me and you

Megan/Derek: i understand nada, and derek's here too. he's just super quiet

Zach Chase: they wont be able to say cause they dont understand it

zack kilgore: mrs gray "what do we understanothing?d now?" students: ummm n

Megan/Derek: i didn't know atoms could fly???

Zach Chase: haha so true

zack kilgore: they can??

Megan/Derek: no but that's what christian said

zack kilgore: hahhahahahaha

Megan/Derek: what is matter? hmm....

Zach Chase: so we all agree they dont understand anything??

zack kilgore: this is taking way too long and there not good at what there doing

Megan/Derek: definitely...

Zach Chase: but its fun for us...

zack kilgore: yes not a clue.

zack kilgore: haha oh yeah!!

Megan/Derek: tbey're fishing for answers.... yet they continue to get none

zack kilgore: tara looks clueless mhahahaha

Zach Chase: josh knows his balloons

Megan/Derek: haha, silence. lol.

Zach Chase: hahahaha!!!

Zach Chase: no!!!!!

Megan/Derek: i thought we were supposed to attack them, not each other. lol.

Megan/Derek: i think we just missed their balloon discussion.. oops

zack kilgore: hahahahah oh well i got bored and they dont evennow what there talking about

zack kilgore: oh yeah tara your not the only one.... lauryn looks alot more cluess then you hahahahahha

Zach Chase: They are going to see this so... Good job guys

Megan/Derek: questions for further discussion: what on earth were they talking about???

Zach Chase: chem class last year lol and NO!!

zack kilgore: hahaha yeah and THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THERE TALKING ABOUT!!!

Zach Chase: this is so wierd. they are going to look back at this and see what lauryn has witten and they'll think that i wrote it

zack kilgore: zach chase is having WAY to much fun with this!!

Megan/Derek: just get over it zach

Megan/Derek: look at his face when he's typing. lol. so funny.

Zach Chase: im a particle!!!

zack kilgore: me and camerono are looking like bosses over here.

Zach Chase: yea, you guys are

Megan/Derek: hardly

zack kilgore: hahhaha megan i agreee!!! and thats funny!

Megan/Derek: derek wrote that... just fyi

Megan/Derek: i wrote that to the discussion

Zach Chase: i can't tell who is typing what

zack kilgore: I THINK MEGAN NEEDS A....... >:D<

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Zach Chase: so true

Megan/Derek: thanks zack. lol.


Megan/Derek: :P

Megan/Derek: this makes no sense...

zack kilgore: I AGREE!!!

Zach Chase: it think that it is awesome!!!!

Zach Chase: B-)

Megan/Derek: your face is really red zach. lol.

zack kilgore: hahaha

zack kilgore: poor zach

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